Sunny Ray - Of Womb and Will

by Sunny Ray

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Crystal-Jade thumbnail
Crystal-Jade wow! absolutely in love with your album! so beautiful and powerful.Sunny Ray you are such an amazing shiny goddess! Thank you for your medicine music. Makes me feel so happy.
sheridanclan thumbnail
sheridanclan From the sides of a Mediterranean volcano to a road trip in Ireland Sunny's voice and thoughts have been beautiful companions!
Downloading without previewing... that's how confident I am it will be great!
diya thumbnail
diya Genuine good hearted and well made music. Sunny is a gem of a woman and her love fun and sincere. Thank you seastar for sharing it with the world Favorite track: Body of the Earth.
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"Of Womb and Will" is a story of humanity’s weaving essences of Masculine and Feminine. This is a call for the Wisdom of the Feminine to be honoured by Masculine action within ourselves, in our relationships and in the world. May the will of humanity be aligned with wisdom.

This Album is personal wisdom that I have drawn from my ancestral lines, gathered in my life studies and embodied in my earth vessel. This is my journey of discovering what it means to me to be a woman; to be a Womb-man. Through my journey of being a womb carrier and learning to use the creative and destructive powers of the Feminine, I began to ask myself what face the Masculine plays in my life. He showed himself to me as action. Complete commitment to the act and the will that is passed down from the Willy. I honour my father in me. His logic, his will. I questioned the relationship between my wisdom and how I put in into action. It is my wish that these words and messages fly out into the world with wings wide, nurturing and reminding us of home.


released December 25, 2016

Photography - Jess Sea
Album Design - Jess Sea, Jay Jackson, Blake Hudson
All tracks recorded, produced and mixed by
Mark Myers at Big Sister Studio, Cairns, 2016.
All songs written by Sunny Ray
Let it Go inspired by Kendal Jean and Josh Hore
Sunny Ray - Guitar, Vocal and BV all tracks
Josh Hore BV - track 1,6
Josh Kenwright - Lead guitar, track 4,5
Simon McMenamin - Violin and cello, track 4,6
Kevyn Turner - Trumpet Track 1,2
Jay Jackson - Djembe, Track 1
Tristan Barton - Drums all tracks
Mark Myers - Guitar (track 1,2,3), Keys (4,5), Synth (3),
Percussion (1), Bass all tracks.
Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound



all rights reserved


Sunny Ray New Zealand

Sunny Ray is a charming, young, New Zealand born songstress from Bethells Beach, on Auckland's West Coast. From the tender age of 16 she was on stage with her guitar, boldly and sweetly speaking her mind and singing her heart out. Now at 24 Years old, Sunny has traveled 17 countries playing music and has collected a range of songs in more than five languages. Now based back in NZ for 2015. ... more

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Track Name: It is Time
It is time

I have seen the light, the light of the sun
merging with the earth, recalibration begun
i am the collide scope, the alchemy happens in the heart

i was carrying around the pain of yesterday
it was my possession then i threw the stone away
cut it from the roots ngati dread of old realities

a kingdom is arising and many will fall
there is movement inside her movement and all
will feel the fire and be washed by her waters

monkey in a prison i am shaking on this cage
internalising what it is we must change
there is to much delusion, more than my heart can take

it is time

time to stand in love and unity
with only one vision of one humanity
calling for the freedom of the soul our human right

young men ask for what should they stand
i say stand for the feminine, the children and the land
our women are suffering, they are crying for a hand

remember the mother she feed us by her breast
life was given by her womb we have been blessed
the womb is sacred and honour all who carry its power

i am strong in this message it is calling to be heard
we must purify ourselves for the mother will purge
rectify now or release or re emerge
Track Name: Born of Love
Born of Love

Today I am born, I am born of the one,
safe in the embrace of the great womb of love,
I will my own creation, will the beat of my heart,
I am one with the web, I keep singing my part

wo yo yo yo yo,
wo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

Calling on my mother be the vessel of my soul,
together like a river downward we flow,
allies in this life, we are sharing our blood,
sharing our tears and releasing our fears,
every journey unique unto itself,
you are the one to whom i give myself,
I am man, I am born of your seed,
holding a vision for all humanity
We are born of love

Every single drop be a ripple in the ocean,
may my words reach every child in every nation,
you are whole, you are loved you've just been miss judged,
your worth is eternal and your powers are needed,
put your hands in the middle let us make a new preyer,
with the light of our love we can light the stairs,
with every single step a new hope is birthed,
gone shine bright as the sun on the earth,
such a powerful light can heal the whole world,
not a doubt in my mind, heaven in rising.

we are born of love we are born of light,
we are sharing the love we are shining bright
Track Name: Messenger

Excuse me is i sound rude,
its not coz I don't like you,
its coz I've got work to do,
and its going round in my head,
don’t take it to heart my dear,
don’t write me off right here,
when the time is right id like to know you

don’t shoot the messenger, if you want the medicine
Im not perfect, i’m just human,
Don’t shoot the messenger if you want the medicine
open up your heart and lets begin

maybe I'm just like you, doing the best i can do
maybe I'm just like you, searching for the truth

Mama tell me whats wrong whats right was told to be better be strong and fight
don’t cry don’t feel dot believe don't dream
suffer all your life to feed a machine
i want to feel love, want to feel lightness
I want to be be told i am loved like this
I want to roar loud like a lioness
i want to feel safe when I'm in you embrace
your still trying to be the man but you still don't understand
and you think that in crazy because i live on the edge
i’m standing near the ledge and i’m looking over the hedge
pushing all the triggers and crossing all the lines
stepping out heart forward rise and shine

all of these lessons are mine to own
all of the medicine i bring home
if i only listen will feel
the soul and the rhythm of the music heals
stepping out of the shadows and into the light
surrender the question
surrender the fight
be one in body soul and mind
let it all go now were on time.
Track Name: Body of the Earth
Body of the Earth

Align with the line and trace it back to the womb aiyo
back to the ancient she who held the dream aiyo
rise with the men as a warrior marked in red aiyo
and strike with the will in service to us all aiyo

the body of the earth is a goddess, the body of the earth is my sister
hold her not in anger, hold her not in shame
hold sacred her body, hold sacred her bones

collecting the feathers form the wings of my sister hawk, I will
sing the medicine as my brothers shed their skin
I am a carrier of womb, i’m carrier of will, mixing
love with the message and singing it to the world

I am locking in focusing, removing distractions I've got boundaries like a bridgestraight on direction, Im writing it out in the present as I'm living it
the tools of my trade are the wings in my life and i carry them gratefully
armed with the love and the light and guidance of my family

awakening potentials past present future I am boundless potentially, I was
born with a vision, in a head strong collision with the world,
it wasn’t ready for me

and I speak of the men, as I speak of my own,
i have my father within, from his seed i was sewn,
I can fight like a boy but can I act like a man,
finding the balance tween the yin and the yang
these projects that i take for humanities sake, doing the work without and within
each dream i make real paving the way,
inspiring the next of kin
Track Name: I am Woman
I am woman

black velvet case and dusty guitar
old desert road i am traveling far
long black dress and a feather of brown
all of these words my heart i lay down

I am Woman

ripening slowly with power and grace
all of the beauty and shadow i embrace
meet with my love and my love will shine through
run from me run from me your running from you

I am Woman
Wahine, Wahine

come to me come to me mother i’ll be
I will grow life I will nurture your seed
filling this structure with harmony
but never am bound by the one I receive

Tapping these string of resonance
singing to your heart be peaceful
purification, my purpose
to hold love in relation to all
Track Name: Let it Go
Let It go

Let It go, let it go, let it go, let it go,

Moving inside her, live and arising,
Breathing to the rhythms of the woman,
sister I hold you and cherish your tears,
stripping the skin from a lifetime of fears,
Be peaceful

I wish the could be conscious,
I wish that i could be conscious of it all,
See the truth in every moment,
but i can only explain with these limited words,
Im only human

I will speak my truth, I will stand int he fire
I will let my blood fall to the earth and inspire,
let wisdom be lived let the children be spoken,
let feelings of bliss in us all be awoken,

I will sing my song of authenticity,
I will stand in the light of love for humanity,
mother at my feet, I'm sorry,
please forgive us all,
we have lived we have breathed, we are grateful

The illusion of distance dissolves,
eternal in this moment I am whole,

I am whole, I am whole, I am whole, I am whole,